Save Us Chuck Woolery

Drive-By Media Spin: Jealous Trump Mad Because Pence Won, Pence Running for 2020, VP Debates Don’t Matter Anyway

RUSH: So, see, the take-away is even when the Trump team wins, Trump loses.  "Pence had a great debate. Pence outclassed the jerk! Pence outclassed the moderator. Pence was calm, he was cool, he was collected, he was fabulous, he did a great job.  Trump loses!  Trump lost the debate last night because Pence so easily outclassed him, and Trump is now mad that he was made to look bad and he's mad that he's got added pressure now to be as good as Pence."  That's the story they're putting out, which equals "Trump lost".  And then, at the end of the all of that, it didn't matter, because none of the people in the Luntz focus group say their vote was changed anyway.

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