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Chuck Woolery on Zombie Apocalypse

11 thoughts on “Chuck Woolery on Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Tom Brown on said:

    You have done more than most anyone else to bring common sense to bear on the concerns of the day! I am very worried about our union, as you are. I would like to hear your take on what to do about “Obamacare” now that the Supreme Court dodged the issue.

  2. Jerry Von on said:

    too late, the democrats…um, liberal,,,,um, progressive,,,,,um, communist socialist marxists,,,um zombies are already here! The only way to stop the apocalypse is to VOTE THEM OUT! Kills them instantly. Almost as good as a bullet in the head without spending hard earned dollars on the bullet!

  3. Chuck, I heard about your website on the Rusty Humphries show…this is awesome and especially enlightening. I was more concerned with our country being flushed down the toilet by the current crowd running the show…now I realize that I need to also focus on the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse!

    • LCoombe on said:

      George K, I have to ask…how is it he GOT RE-ELECTED? MOG, American people are STUPID… People should have to pass a political test to vote!

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  5. Chuck, buddy your a breath of fresh air in these hard times. Seriously though the right needs a clear voice of common sense. We have no more John Wayne’s, Charlton Heston’s, or Ronald Reagan’s. Don’t stop doing what your doing.


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