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Chuck Woolery on the Unemployment Crisis

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  1. John Walter on said:

    When I returned from Viet-Nam in 1970, I drew unemployment for 1 month, since then I have not asked for or gotten any public assistance. I am a retired auto mechanic, and my skills were always in demand. I studied and got certified through ASE as a master truck and a master auto repair technician. I did this on my own without government help. Imagine that!

    • John ,
      I quit the war on Dec. 22, 1972. I was 26V20 Microwave repair. I got a job on Jan.12,1973 and it was with a cable tv company which was eventually bought by TWC. I have not been unemployed since then. I am now a DAV and get about $1,450 a month. I live within my means and have been with the same wonderful lady for 46 years. I am a staunch Conservative and Chuck voices my opinion to the letter. I detest the waste in D.C and insist that we need to keep our own country solvent first ( if that’s possible ) and require those lazy bums on welfare to look for work. O’Bamma signed an ” executive order ” this past year whereby those cruds don’t have to look for work. Totally despicable! Chuck and Ben Carson would be a thriller presidential team. One way or the other, the Left must be castigated, emasculated, and castrated politically speaking, as we can not afford to live this way anymore. The Bleeding hearts are turning our country into a money tree from which they can grab as much money as they want to buy the votes they require for every election they run in. This has to stop.
      We don’t have the money anymore. we are broke and have to start paying it back to the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Germans, French and who knows whomever else we owe our family jewels to. Brother I’m proud to have served with you and I appreciate your service to our great country. God Bless you and stay strong.

  2. Jim Petrell on said:

    I am now retired. But through my employed years I never received one unemployment check. I have been laid off many times during my working career, but always as soon as I was laid off I started looking for work immediately with a typed resume in hand. The longest unemployed time was when I was laid off from a job in California. I was tired of defense jobs and moved bacl to MN and found a job with 3M where I stayed for 34 years. I had an electronics background and kept up to date through night classes and correspondence courses. At no time did I receive a handout from the government except during my 3 years in the Army at $120 per month plus 3 meals per day and a bunk to sleep on. These people on food stamps and unemployment need a swift kick to get going and get training in a field that is hiring.

    • Wow, you talk a big talk but can you follow through? You can come and give me a swift kick any time if you think you can. To make a statement about something that you know nothing about is bold when your sitting behind a computer screen. I’m a disabled vet with 50% disability and I have been out of work for almost 5 years. It’s not about not wanting to work it’s about not wanting to do slave labor. You can’t live on minimum wage and if you have a family to support it’s not going to work, so keep your condescending comments to yourself until you have walked in other peoples shoes. $120 dollars 50 years ago is one thing today it only get you a week’s food. When I went into the U.S. Marines in 1973 the pay was $186 a month now they make a couple thousand a month. A big difference time can make. I can work but I’m not willing to work for employers that are willing to crap on you so they can save a buck. It must have been nice working for an employer that paid well and gave benefits too, many don’t give any benefits at all and when they do there not worth anything, and then the pay barely covers the cost of living. So yeah, some people need to have help; food stamps, unemployment, or general assistance just to provide the basic needs. It’s easy to sit back and talk trash about others, but until you know everybody’s problems first hand and are will to fix them keep your mouth shut and your comments to yourself. You can always come and try to give a swift kick if your willing to accept the consequences. I like Chuck and I’m sure he means well and has some good ideas, but he still lacks enough information to make an informed opinion about all of the problems involved with unemployment, it’s not as simple as some people think it is.

      • Thank you for your service to our great nation, just like you I too served in the military. I am surprised to see a former member of the armed services write comments claiming that I should not enjoy freedom of speech.

        I am sorry you are unemployed but by your own admission you could work but you choose not to due to low pay. As far as I can tell there are many jobs in America going unfilled right now that pay significantly more than minimum wage. If you have not developed the skills or obtained the knowledge to perform them it is not the fault business owners.

        It is always easy to blame greedy business as the reason for low wages but the reality is businesses pay what price they have to in order to get the skills they need. If this were not true even doctors would make minimum wage.

        At some point in your life you had the courage to defend this great nation, hopefully you will summon that courage again and take responsibility for your own life and become a valuable and indispensable employee for some firm willing to pay you what you want.

        The solutions to our problems come from within not from the government.

        Good luck

      • Robert Stanton on said:

        Before I begin condemning your response, I want to thank you for your service to our country. That said, you took an oath and you need to stand up like a man now and keep it. Nobody says you have to be a slave, and even you admit you can work. So why are you not working?

        “I can work but I’m not willing to work” Yup! That about sums it up right there!

    • JIM P. (These people on food stamps need a kick…) Obtuse thinking, and the call of the truly un-informed. While there are many who abuse the system, the majority of families on food stamps, have to be; despite having a full-time job. More and more jobs are outsourced, (Look at Imelt > the presidents “Job-Czar advisor, from G.E. [do your homework]) or just eliminated forever, and realize that if it weren’t for situations such as Corporate and political economic malfeasance, there would be no need for food stamps. In lay terms, don’t suggest that people on food stamps need a “Swift Kick” because you’re fortunate enough to survive without it. 80% of people who need food stamps, need them because their jobs are insufficient to feed their families in todays’ economic climate. While I agree that there are many who abuse the system, I believe that fortunate, employed people often don’t see the parameters of this situation due to the rampant public opinion of a “Welfare-lazy” life-style. Learn how this happened, who is responsible and what we can do about it, THEN start kicking someones ass, in the voting booths of America. Flip, U.S.M.C. (And yes, curb the smaller portion of abusers with action as well.)

  3. Richard Smith on said:

    I worked for three years for someone,and saved enough money to buy equiptment and to get my own contractors lic. I now make six figures. Anyone can do this if i can.

  4. The Usual Suspects are againest sensable security, How come there is never a mass Shooting/Killing at Gun Shows or Police Conventions? The “Madmen” shooters are just not that stupid as to commit suicide before they can do ultimate damage. So if No Gun Security is where they like to shoot best, what ever will they do once it is implemented? With Liberals Gun Control is not about safety it is about Control.

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  6. I started a second business with $10 which has already returned $30,000 in revenue in 3 years. An extra $10,000 a year from a $10 investment isn’t bad. I’m nobody special. ANYONE can do what I did.

  7. That Fence is not going to do anything. If anyone wants to enter the U.S. of A., all they need is a passport and a ride to the airport of their choice.

    The I.R.S. has issues income tax refund
    payments for illegal deductions amounting to approximately 12 to 14 billion dollars a year, and that has been paid out to these migrant workers in the last 5 years. All their forms were summited according to I.R.S protocol, and have been paid out for the past five years.

    It seems that the U.S. Government has money to burn. And none of these migrant workers can be found; all have worked under assumed names, received their deductions, benefits and wages, and have disappeared back into Mexico.

  8. Robert Stanton on said:

    After my service in the U.S. Army ended, I went from job to job ending up as a long haul truck driver. I loved that job! Unfotunately though, I had a stroke one morning last July, 2012 and am no longer able to hold that position. Did I collect unemployment, welfare, Social Security, or any other hand out? No! I do what I can to survive, and to meet the needs of my family. That means working a part-time job while attending college classes full time, trying to obtain the education I need to succeed.

  9. Mark Parker on said:

    I never heard of you before today Chuck. I read about you at Breitbart News. Afterwards I goggled your name and watched your youtube videos.

    I have to say you are awesome. When Washington Times starts their cable channel you should get your own show like O’Reilly.

    Keep up the good work you have a new fan now

  10. Chuck- You are EXACTLY the kind of true American Patriot that this country desperately
    needs to lead us out of this Obamanation. It seems conservatives/Republicans have NO leader. You are a breath of fresh air in the midst of lies and deceit. Our country is in the throes of death from this administration. I believe you could help save America. We need you in our White House.

    Patti Wilson

  11. Chuck Woolery clearly does not understand macroeconomics, does not understand what it is like to be middle class and has no regard for the condition of our environment for future generations.

    Please stick to hosting game shows… you’re embarrassing yourself.

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