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Chuck Woolery on the Social Security System

17 thoughts on “Chuck Woolery on the Social Security System

  1. Darrell McAdams on said:

    I want in. I want to do whatever I can to move this effort forward. The content of all I have seen thus far is right on target and want in.

    Is this effort burgeoning or waning? What is the vision statement and how is it progressing thus far.

    Someone please call me — — —-.

    God Bless America and God Bless this effort.

      • im just so relieved to see there is still hope in the people and that some Americans eyes are yet open. There is a major dark force working within, and distractions through media and sorts of things, but i just hope it not to late to mend the American government. God Bless you all

  2. Ken Holmes on said:

    I just found these video’s thanks to Brietbart and find them hilarious and informative. I am sharing them on all of my networks! how generous of me to share them with both of my friends.
    Keep the good stuff coming Mr. Woolery.

    • Ken Posted on Hey! i like it! Pretty sweet. I so wish I could do the voice over for you! I would love to do something like that one day! Ihope all is well!Ken

  3. This is quite possibly the best explanation of the Social Security system I’ve ever seen. Even a politician might be able to understand it! Well, maybe. Thanks Mr. Woolery!

  4. Are you a fellow Texan? I heard you mention Burnet County Texas. Beautiful Texas Hill Country. God Bless and keep up the good work!!!

  5. oldhobe on said:

    Well put Chuck. I feel that we must elimante the political party system; and find a new way of choosing our leaders who are willing to serve a term or two and return to live with and as their neighbors do. I maintained a webiste for a decade but it did fine favor so I droped it.
    It was called “VOTEALUTION” My slogan was “the vote heard around the world.”

  6. I just found this website and cannot wait to watch all of these videos. Not only are they humorous, but most importantly they are honest with a whole bunch of common sense thrown in. Thank you Mr. Woolery and please keep them coming. I am trying to let all my friends know about this site.

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  8. Thomas K. Dennis on said:

    I get 50 dollars a day from SSI and that started at the age of 36 I am now 47 and I will live 20 more years if the Gov. don’t destroy us first. Were an I going with this you ask. being on SSI has made me useless worthless and jobless.

  9. I’m not sure why someone would be able to register and make it to the polling place or file an absenree ballot but can’t figure out how to get an ID. I agree Chuck. Who can’t get an ID? Love the last line. “I’m Chuck Woolery because my drivers license say’s so”. Hahaheehee. Who thinks up this stuff.

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