Save Us Chuck Woolery

Chuck Woolery on Michael Moore

15 thoughts on “Chuck Woolery on Michael Moore

  1. I’m new to Chuck’s opinions and videos, and I wish I had known about his work (besides TV) sooner.

    Keep up the good fight, Chuck! Your humor and wit make your important messages easier to take.


  2. I enjoy your videos very much. I’m very glad you defend the right own and use firearms.
    I wish you would go national with your point of views.

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  4. gm5660 on said:

    Chuck has done it AGAIN!!! He is 100000^100% right about Michael Moore. If Moore and those other rich cats want to distribute our money, let them start by giving their money, all of it, to the poor.


    • If he’s so determined to spread the wealth, I figure that fat bass turd owes me about $250,000.00 just because I don’t have it. He forgets that the people who own the businesses hire the rest and without them, we have no job base and hence no tax base. That fat pile of goat droppings wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for the business that published his goat farts and the companies that promoted them. Without them, he’s just another beached whale. What a stain!

  5. Ed Schober on said:

    Chuck, I’ve always enjoyed you in whatever entertainment capacity you served! But now, my only question is: Why are you not running for President! Thank God someone is willing to speak the truth! Keep it up!!!

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