Save Us Chuck Woolery

Chuck Woolery on Class Warfare

6 thoughts on “Chuck Woolery on Class Warfare

  1. gloriousone on said:

    “Competitive mediocrity” — Love this term. Even back in the day when I was in high school I noticed this trend. Unfortunately it’s spiraling out of control.

  2. katy weldon on said:

    If Mr.President had even consulted the Dept. of Labor stastics he would have discovered that Americans have been working harder and earning less this past decade. He just says stuff…..stuff he thinks will play well on TV…Dang if he isn’t right! Wake up America!

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  5. Thomas K. Dennis on said:

    Us against Them, sun up to sun down, day in and day out. I am getting sick of the fight for less or more.SICK AND TIRED

  6. Michael S on said:

    I out myself through school and started my own business which I have been building up though my own hard work and risk taking over many years. The single most appalling words I have ever head spoken are “You didn’t build that”. I will never forget them, and it keep me motivated to fight against the President and his socialism which will be the end of us.

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